Call Me Mr, Dean.

I am a father with 2 kids. I love art and I don’t like to much think logic, it’s a magic of world and I believe the miracle.

deanMy times mostly spent for my family and some part for work. I do hard work but I do it with my heart, I mean i love what I do now. I love painting and crafting, I also play piano.

What I am doing here is to put my life story into the digital media. I do this thing because sometimes I need it to make me aware about my mistakes, and I wouldn’t to repeat it again, do jump into the same hole twice! With putting a note here, i will remember every steps that I already done.

I am not a young man, then my life also now jumped to the next life, the family is everything!

This blog will talk about my home decoration and some about the property business, so just ask me if you need my assist, of course related to my skill brother..

Thank you and please welcome to my journey.